The Machine Learning track is perfect for people interested in applied machine learning and theoretical artificial intelligence.

Program dates: Jan 10 - Mar 4, 2022
Deadline to Apply: Dec 10th, 2021

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  • Automation - Focused on infrastructure optimization and improving existing processes
  • Cloud & Networks - Databases and all the networks of routers in between
  • Computer Vision, Graphics, & Modeling - From modeling to animation to rendering
  • Hardware Manufacturing - Specialized computers that can compute, efficiently
  • Health, Medicine, & Fitness - Analyzing data that helps understand the inner-workings of the body
  • Natural Language Processing - Algorithms that enable humans to speak robot and robots to speak human
  • Robotics & Autonomous Driving - Allowing bots to go into space and enabling vehicles drive themselves


Week 1

Intro + Speaker + Speed Self-Intro

Week 2

Event and Networking

Week 3

Speaker + 1-1 Networking

Week 4

Event + Networking

Week 5

Speaker + 1-1 Networking

Week 6

Event + Networking

Week 7

Event + Networking

Week 8

Share and celebrate

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a technical expert to be able to participate?

Need Text Here lol

Why is the space in this course limited?

A smaller cohort enables deeper connections between participants and with the instructors. In addition, we plan to curate a group which brings together lot of different perspectives and backgrounds. That means making sure we don't have too many people who are too similar.

Types of events

Get involved

  • Share your experiences and learnings as a founder with the group.
  • We can work with you to find format you are most comfortable with (presentation, fireside chat, AMA, facilitating discussion, etc)
  • Commitment: 1hr Zoom on Thursday evening
  • If you’re open to being a resource for CMU alumni participating in the program
  • We can work with you to find structure that is most effective such as setting up Office Hours, answering questions in a Slack channel, or connect to you with individuals you are well-positioned to help
  • Commitment: as your schedule permits
  • If you’re open to providing feedback as we develop curriculum and structure of the program
  • Commitment: as your schedule permits
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