About CMU T&E

As CMU students and alumni in tech and entrepreneurship carved new paths for startups and venture capital, we realized there was a lack of community for fellow alumni to share our journeys, knowledge share, and offer support.

We believe that the CMU alumni community has so much to offer, and we want to define ways for people to connect, support, and help each other as industry thought leaders. Originally started as Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area in 2016, the organization rebranded in 2019 as CMU TEBA, then launched in cities worldwide in 2020. We are quickly expanding to help alumni across the world to find each other, and have consolidated all of our chapters in the United States to form 3 global chapters. Check out our chapters here.

While events and programs may look different chapter to chapter, we are all committed to supporting our members with resources to help them found their own startups, discuss cutting edge industry trends, and reflect on their journey from CMU.

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The team

CMU T&E is run by a team of dedicated CMU alumni volunteers around the world.

We’re looking for more people to join us in bringing CMU alumni closer together! Check out open roles for available board positions -- we are actively looking for new members to apply this February 2021.

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